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Hungary: where rich history meets polo

Despite being a relatively small country with a population around nine million, Hungary is home to the largest natural grassland in Europe, the largest lake in Central Europe, and the second largest thermal lake in the world. In addition to its abundance of unique geographical features, the country is also famous for its incredible architecture and historic landmarks. As a landlocked country with seven boarding nations, Hungary has had many… Read More »Hungary: where rich history meets polo


Enjoy fun, sun, and polo in Jamaica

Jamaica is the third largest island in the Caribbean sea at about 146 miles long and 22 to 51 miles wide. Across the country’s long history intertwined with colonialism, Jamaica’s lands are covered in remnants of the Spanish, European, and French influences they have experienced across time. Although Jamaica secured its independence from the United Kingdom in 1962, it is still a member of the Commonwealth, and as such, the… Read More »Enjoy fun, sun, and polo in Jamaica

new zealand skyline

Travel to New Zealand

New Zealand is broken up into two different islands; The North Island and the South Island. The North Island is home to volcanoes, vast forests, and lakes that travelers from around the world come to visit. The South Island is divided by the Southern Alps, with mountainous terrain covering almost three quarters of the island. Despite the vast array of differences that make each island unique, both the North and… Read More »Travel to New Zealand

How do polo athletes train

Practice Makes Perfect Similar to other riding disciplines like dressage and Western pleasure, polo also requires riders to have strong foundational riding skills to build from. These skills include the wide range of movements required to maintain control over the horse’s speed and direction like when and how a rider needs to use their legs, reins, and other riding aids. Unlike other riding disciplines, polo then adds the added challenge… Read More »How do polo athletes train

Snow from Sea to Sea: Spend A Winter in Canada

Winter in Canada begins in early December with snow and negative temperatures well into February and beyond. Although these months may not seem like the best time to plan a vacation to visit our neighbors up North, there are so many incredible locations, events, and activities that make it worth the runny nose and frozen toes. Activities With some places in Canada reaching more than 21 feet of snow in… Read More »Snow from Sea to Sea: Spend A Winter in Canada

St moritz, switzerland

Travel to St. Moritz: A winter wonderland

Over 5,000 feet above sea level rests the quiet resort town of St. Moritz, Switzerland. St. Moritz is located just above the Upper Engadine, which is a glaciated valley surrounded by the Albula Alps. This picturesque town is a peaceful getaway that was made famous by its mineral springs that attracted its first inhabitants around 3,000 years ago. The establishment of a summer spa quickly followed the discovery of the… Read More »Travel to St. Moritz: A winter wonderland

DUBAI: A destination for polo and luxury

Horseback riding has always been a part of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The UAE is often associated with the horse world through its iconic Arabian breed. In addition, Dubai is famously known for the Dubai World Cup, where Thoroughbred race horses compete for a 27 million dollar prize. In addition to the falcon and the Ghaf tree, the horse is an iconic symbol of the UAE that is thought… Read More »DUBAI: A destination for polo and luxury

The Role of the Coach and Captain

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way”John C. Maxwell In every match, especially in high-goal polo, there are so many more people on each team than just the players including the grooms, umpires, families, friends, and the team’s leadership.When it comes to high-goal polo, the role of the coach is very similar to other professional sports. When polo players reach the high-goal… Read More »The Role of the Coach and Captain

History of Polo in Argentina

Argentina was first introduced to polo by the English. In the second half of the 19th century, English immigrants arrived in Argentina as wealthy landowners with a new found passion for polo. This influence, in combination with Argentina’s abundance of treeless plains and horses created a polo paradise. As the sport became more and more popular, the River Plate Polo Association and the National Polo Federation decided to combine forces… Read More »History of Polo in Argentina

History of Polo in Brazil

After securing its independence, Brazil assumed the debts of Portugal to the British Empire. Brazil, being lush with natural resources, decided to work with Britain to create railways to transport Brazil’s many exports. This connection not only brought Brazil out of debt and into good standings with Britain, but it also introduced the sport of polo to Sao Paulo. After English engineers initially introduced the sport to Brazil, polo quickly… Read More »History of Polo in Brazil