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history of polo

History of Polo in Argentina

Argentina was first introduced to polo by the English. In the second half of the 19th century, English immigrants arrived in Argentina as wealthy landowners with a new found passion for polo. This influence, in combination with Argentina’s abundance of treeless plains and horses created a polo paradise. As the sport became more and more popular, the River Plate Polo Association and the National Polo Federation decided to combine forces… Read More »History of Polo in Argentina

History of Polo in Brazil

After securing its independence, Brazil assumed the debts of Portugal to the British Empire. Brazil, being lush with natural resources, decided to work with Britain to create railways to transport Brazil’s many exports. This connection not only brought Brazil out of debt and into good standings with Britain, but it also introduced the sport of polo to Sao Paulo. After English engineers initially introduced the sport to Brazil, polo quickly… Read More »History of Polo in Brazil

History of Polo in India

The first recorded game of polo was played in 600 B.C. in Persia (modern Iran). Mounted nomads migrating from Central Asia carried the sport with them during their travels. Eventually, the game reached the northeastern state of Manipur, where modern polo originated. Polo was formalized by British military officers in 1859 at the Silchar Polo Club (formed in 1834). In addition to this historic club, the Kolkata (formerly Calcutta) Polo… Read More »History of Polo in India

History of Polo in Spain

The history of polo in Spain, begins like most European countries as the sport began to come from surrounding European countries. In 1872, Spain’s first polo club, the Jerez Polo Club, was founded. Shortly after, Madridestablished its first polo club in 1876 by the order of King Alfonso XII. Similar to the beginningsof polo in England, the sport grew in popularity largely due to the influence and support ofroyalty. Through… Read More »History of Polo in Spain

History of Polo in Australia

“I love London. I love the U.K., but if I was going to live anywhere else on Earth, it would be Australia.” – Tom Parker Bowles Polo reached the beautiful shores of Australia through the city of Warrnambool in the Western Districts of Victoria in 1874. After this historic day, the game of polo had peaks and plateaus of popularity over the next century. Shortly after the oldest Australian polo… Read More »History of Polo in Australia

History of Polo in Germany

Polo first reached Germany in the mid 1890’s through Hanseatic merchants who learned of its growing popularity throughout England. Shortly after, the Hamburg Polo Club was founded in 1898 in today’s Derby Park. Realizing the exponential growth in the popularity of the sport, Germany quickly moved to international play. In 1902, the Hamburg Polo Club invited teams from Budapest, Hurlingham, and St. Petersburg to participate in a tournament that would… Read More »History of Polo in Germany

History of Polo in Ireland

If England ignited the explosion of polo across the globe, then Ireland was the fuse. History of Polo in Ireland In Cachar in 1859, the 10th Huzzars, a British Cavalry regiment, and tea planters from the area competed in polo matches. A detachment of these officers were later stationed in Limerick, Ireland shortly before returning to England. This chance encounter in 1868 between local horsemen of the Army and the… Read More »History of Polo in Ireland

History of Polo in Italy

When it comes to polo…all roads lead to Rome! “Italians and their passion for a sport they love is a lethal combination nearly always resulting in success!” “Rome Polo Club in Italy” (Sarah L. Parker) History of Polo in Italy Italy is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world that attracts millions of visitors annually. However, many of these travelers fail to look beyond the cathedrals and… Read More »History of Polo in Italy

History of Polo in France

France is one of the most visited countries in the world with an iconic culture of class and luxury. Among the many reasons to visit France, from wine and cheese to the arts and fashion, their prowess in polo attracts fans from across the globe. France has an amazing polo history that began only twenty years after England’s first club was established. Ever since, the country has been on the… Read More »History of Polo in France