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History of Polo in England

Going back centuries, the story of how polo reached the western world starts with England. England is often credited with igniting the explosion of polo across the globe. After British tea-planters witnessed the original polo matches in Manipur, India for cavalry training, the sport traveled with British naval officers to the western world. After Britain’s first match in 1869, the sport quickly became popularized. In 1874, the first formal writing… Read More »History of Polo in England

History of polo

ORIGINS OF THE SPORT OF KINGS STUDY UP AND BE THE BEST SPECTATOR YOU CAN BE WITH OUR GUIDE TO ALL THINGS POLO HISTORY History Lesson Polo first originated in Persia in 600 B.C. and is one of the oldest recorded team sports in history.Polo is also one of the fastest ball sports in history. Outdoor grass polo features four riders per team each atop a highly trained polo pony… Read More »History of polo