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What makes a good polo pony

Polo is one of the oldest team sports that began as an opportunity to showcase the Manipuri Pony: a formidable war horse and a sacred creature. Today, the Manipuri Pony is considered endangered, but their best qualities have been passed down to the modern polo pony. The perfect pony is hard to find, but “having a good horse is one of the most important aspects in the game…it’s like racing… Read More »What makes a good polo pony

Rules of Polo – and how they have changed

Polo Origins Prior to the 19th century, there were no official rules to the game of polo. Polo was originally played with 100 or more players on a team to simulate battle and was played by cavalry units. These massive teams also used tree branches or carved sticks to hit a ball made of a combination of willow, bamboo, and leather. Later, the sport became more popular and was allocated… Read More »Rules of Polo – and how they have changed

Polo and the Connection between the Horse and Player

The sport of polo is both fast and freeing. The most important part of the game is the connection between the horse and the player. Horses are incredibly sensitive animals in both their demeanor and adaptability. Regardless of the size of the horse, the slightest touch anywhere from nose to tail is instantly registered due to their hypersensitive sense of touch. Overtime, this incredible evolutionary skill has become the foundation… Read More »Polo and the Connection between the Horse and Player

Picking Your Equine Partner 

A BEHIND-THE-SCENES LOOK AT THE HORSE MASTER’S DUTIES AND THE PROCESS FOR SELECTING THE POOLED HORSES. During the FIP World Polo Championship, the selection of horses was as special as this global event. Each team was provided with a hand-selected number of horses that were rated based on several factors. The rating was conducted by an official “Horse Master,” a professional who tested each horse and determined how to divide… Read More »Picking Your Equine Partner 

POLO fast facts

New to polo? Below are the top items you will need to know to understand the game. Polo Fast Facts : 4 PLAYERS PER TEAM 6 CHUKKERS OR PERIODS IN A MATCH 7 1/2 MINUTES per CHUKKER in traditional grass polo 35 MPH = TOP SPEED OF A POLO PONY 110 MPH SPEED = A POLO BALL CAN REACH DURING PLAY 300 X 160 YDS = THE SIZE OF A… Read More »POLO fast facts

POLO 101

New to the sport of polo? It’s fast, it’s dangerous, and you won’t be able to look away. Polo is one of the oldest team sports in history, originating in Central Asia in 600 BC. But if you are new to the sport, get your fast facts below in our Polo 101. Learn all you need to know about polo. There are four different types of polo: traditional outdoor grass… Read More »POLO 101


Want to learn how to play polo? Below are all the top terms you need to know to play polo! Bell or Horn: The bell is rung by the timekeeper to inform the umpires when 7 minutes of play in a chukker have elapsed. Bump: A player is permitted to ride off another player or to remove him from the play. Chukker: A period of play within a game, a… Read More »NEED-TO-KNOW POLO TERMS

History of polo

ORIGINS OF THE SPORT OF KINGS STUDY UP AND BE THE BEST SPECTATOR YOU CAN BE WITH OUR GUIDE TO ALL THINGS POLO HISTORY History Lesson Polo first originated in Persia in 600 B.C. and is one of the oldest recorded team sports in history.Polo is also one of the fastest ball sports in history. Outdoor grass polo features four riders per team each atop a highly trained polo pony… Read More »History of polo


Attending your first polo match? Learn about some of the classic polo game traditions you’ll see at the field. COIN TOSSThe coin toss takes place before the game to determine the initial goal direction of the teams. At the season-opener game, a notable individual or celebrity often performs the toss. Once the first goal is scored, teams switch goals. Direction is changed after each goal is scored. TAILGATINGAnother one of… Read More »POLO TRADITIONS & TIDBITS