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Travel to St. Moritz: A winter wonderland

St moritz, switzerland

Over 5,000 feet above sea level rests the quiet resort town of St. Moritz, Switzerland. St. Moritz is located just above the Upper Engadine, which is a glaciated valley surrounded by the Albula Alps. This picturesque town is a peaceful getaway that was made famous by its mineral springs that attracted its first inhabitants around 3,000 years ago. The establishment of a summer spa quickly followed the discovery of the springs, which began St. Mortiz’s long history as a relaxing resort town.

Jeux Olympiques D Hiver, St Moritz Switzerland

St. Moritz is located near the borders of Austria and Italy, and a quick jaunt from France, Germany and many major airport hubs making it incredibly accessible to european countries. In addition to the area’s inherent idyllic qualities, it is also famous for hosting the Winter Olympics in 1928 and 1948.

After proving its incredible hosting capabilities, the gorgeous getaway quickly developed a reputation and it is now one of the world’s richest locations that caters to guests from across the world with its four five-star hotels, variety of museums, and an abundance of shopping locations.

Snow Polo

Snow polo on frozen lake st moritz

With 320 days of sunshine a year and subarctic climate, St. Moritz is the perfect location for a variety of winter sports including bobsledding, tobogganing, and snow polo. Although St. Moritz is already synonymous with winter sports, it did not become famous for snow polo until it hosted the Snow Polo World Cup for the first time in 1985. This was not only the first snow polo tournament, but also the only high goal form of snow polo.

After proving itself as not only an incredibly picturesque location for winter sports, but also as the pinnacle of hospitality, St. Moritz is proud to be known as one of the most gorgeous natural settings for a polo event. In addition, St. Moritz more than meets the expectation of a high goal tournament to be a memorable event with a selection of gourmet foods, a long list of VIP guests, and other luxury items to enjoy.

Luxury in the Alps

With more than 165 years of history in St. Mortiz, the Kulm Hotel is a staple in Swiss hospitality. Founded by Johannes Badrutt on a bet against a group of Englishmen who doubted that the sleepy winter town could really be the epitome of winter tourism. Many years after that historic bet, the Kulm would host the Winter Olympic Games in the Kulm Park.

Kulm hotel

In addition to the iconic Kulm Hotel, St. Moritz is also home to Suvretta House, a luxury hotel inspired by Old English traditions and high brow culture, and the Ovaverva, a sleek Swiss bathhouse and spa.

The alpine village is full of extraordinary cuisine experiences – several Michelin rated restaurants are in the town. Due to Switzerlands land locked location, their cuisine is greatly influenced by their surrounding neighbors with their own swiss twist to it. Enjoy fondue, Raclette, swiss chocolates to high end cuisine in the several five star restaurants available in the area.


The Muzeum Susch

The Muzeum Susch opened its doors in 2019. The captivating space was once a vicarage, hospice, monastery, and even a brewery. The building has been carefully restored and has since enjoyed many experimental art presentations, performances, lectures, and other events. In addition to the Muzeum Susch, St. Moritz also boasts the Stalla Madulain.

However, if the arts are not on the docket of your St. Moritz adventure, the winter wonderland also has a wide variety of stores that offer unique and handcrafted luxury items like the 140 year old, family owned embroidery business, Ebneter and Biel, or the high quality cashmere products created by Lamm.

Written in collaboration with Lily Brennan

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